The Bridal Party

Some people agreed to be in our wedding party, so now the success of this wedding on the day falls into their hands. They're here to help us, which helps you.

The Guys

The Best-Man

James Willis

A friend of Zoe and Seb from Maidenhead. Although he went to Desborough (ew) not Furze Platt. He has known the couple since they were teenagers, is DM for their DnD campaign (google that if you're not a nerd) and has an excellent beard. Qualifications for this role include being marginally more competant than the rest of my close male friends

The Grooms-Man

Thomas Gates

Tom went to Furze Platt Senior with both Seb and Zoe and knew them back when they were single. Hosts our annual Christmas curry in Bourne End. He is an amazing artist and has the same birthday as Seb which led to some interesting discussions with ID checking bouncers.

The MC-Man

Jonas Gawe

Another one who went to the correct school (Furze Platt). Will be Master of Ceremonies at the reception. Lives in Oxford (booooo) where he is involved with improvised comedy group The Oxford Imps (yay). Shows up unexpectedly at social gathering with no notice but has committed to coming to the wedding in advance!

The Girls

Maid of Honor

Laura Bunce

Has known Zoe since she was born, and shortly thereafter agreed to become her sister. Also went to Furze Platt but a couple of years above. Knows all the Maidenhead lot. Went to The Other Place (AKA Oxford Uni) and does tech for the Oxford Imps. You won't have trouble identifying her as Zoe's sister.

Maid of Drinks

Laura Wyatt

Zoe's friend from primary school. Even though they went to different secondary schools they have stayed friends through the years. When Zoe's cat died Laura ran (literally) across Maidenhead to look after her.

Maid of Health

Taylor Marson

Seb's younger sister and another Furze Platt vetern. Taylor has just finished training as a pediatric nurse. Taylor has a gorgeous westie called Ivy, her birthday is New Years Eve so everyone celebrates it and her hair magically changes colour!

Maid of Fluff

Claire Durrant

Zoe's friend from Cambridge, Claire also did Natural Sciences but has since been doing proper science with lab coats and everything! She did so much neuroscience that now she is Dr Claire. Claire used to live in Cambridge but is now all the way up in Edinburgh.

Maid of the Country

Rosanna Wright

Rosanna comes from a fictional land called Yorkshire which is apparently somewhere north. Another Natural Scientist who went on to do a PhD making bacteria get sick (seriously). Rosanna listened to Zoe complain A LOT at Cambridge and yet still agreed to be a bridesmaid.