What do I need to bring?

Yes! We are providing lunches and dinners on almost every day. The only meal we are asking guests to pay for themselves is the Friday dinner at a restaurant. There is more information about the individual meals on the events page. There will always be veggie options. Breakfasts will just be simple food like cereals, toast, spreads, etc. If you want to bring your own food that's fine too, you don't even have to share with anyone (Except Seb - I won't tell Zoe)

We are aware that most of our friends and family are shameless alcoholics, so we will only be providing alcohol to guests on the day of the wedding (Saturday). Doing this has saved us an estimated £193,000. Bring what ever you want, we won't even make you share it (Except with Seb)

Not at all. We will have a registry of things we would like to do on our year of travel but this is entirely optional.

What's going on?

No. We have fun events and delicious food planned for the whole weekend. If it is the cost of accommodation is an issue please let us know as we have some space in the house. If you decide you are only coming for part of the event please let us know so we don't have extra food on the other days.

Just let us know, and we will try to match you up with some people for glamping

The Friday and Monday are both bank holidays so hopefully not.